TTC Shop another head ache, or hipster haven?

TTC Shop Article.jpg

Click above to check out the TTC Shop in Toronto. 

Toronto TTC Transit, we associate this with being over crowded, running late and an emergency alarm being  pulled again on the Subway. Well there marketers might want us to associate this with swag, why is that? Toronto’s TTC has launched an ecommerce shop for t-shirts, housewares and mugs. Is this idea doomed to fail? We talk to Diana Skye about this concept. 

Diana Skye says ” I know right, WTF is this idea. A recent poll said over 80% had no interest in buying anything.” 

Ashton’s reply  “Lol love that information but a marketer with general knowledge of brand sentiment could of told you TTC doesn’t have FANATICS! So they probably shouldn’t sell SWAG.” 

Ashton says “I love that I have a back and forth with you Diana Skye. You are a long time person living in Toronto and my most frequent collaborator with Digi-Connex. I have to ask does this even appeal to tourists?”

Diana Skye Says “I can’t speak for everyone. However, I never wanted to buy merchandise from a public transit company even with excellent service.” 

Ashton says ” See I find even for tourists brands like Canada Goose, Roots Canada and Hockey merchandise. This is the stuff you buy to soak up Canada. Plus Chapters/Indigo in the core of Toronto is stuffed full of Canadian swag! I guess if TTC employs a cheap price point (doubt it) They might fight a niche. If they price stuff too high and they don’t bulk order their merchandise. They are screwed!” 

Diana Skye says ” Exactly, I associate Roots clothing with Canada, not a mug with the logo of a subway line!” 

Ashton says “Yes plus in general our transit is depressing. I associate TTC with a feeling of being crowded, sadness for beggars in the subway lines and the frustration of being disconnected at Wilson Station so many times on my way to Downsview Station.”

Diana Skye says ” I despise Wilson station, the only worse ones are Islington and Warden.” 

Ashton says “The one type of people who might buy this are hipsters. Here is why, everyone else hates it so someone usually has to like it. These people are the headaches of society.”

Check out Diana Skye’s forum at her website

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