Weak Society Blog # 2

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Scene starts!


George Crawz the wealthy new leader of Rushington is up on a podium as he makes his speech to accept leader of the free world. He approaches the microphone and says “The problems are society is facing with a bankrupt health care system, a terrible disability system and an overweight society was brought on by ourselves. As a society we need to take responsibility for our actions and follow these new laws of society. The following will be the new laws by which we live.” 

  1. Personal transportation vehicles will now be banned in Rushington. 
  2. The bus will be only allowed to people who have exercised prior to riding it for 1 hour. 
  3. Disabilities will no longer be accommodated at the government level 
  4. Sales of soda, Fast food and alcohol are banned.
  5. People now legally have to exercise 1 hour a day. 

What did this change for society? Well now the disabled can no longer access our transportation, the government took away funding that was allowing handicapped people to live independently and if you are craving a burger you better grill it yourself because most restaurants are now vegan food places. 

Where do I fit into this crazy society? My name is Derza, I spend my days working as an ad executive for the new leader. Mostly approving copy on ads or suggesting edits. Then at night time I take care of my mom who had to move into my 1 bedroom apartment after the government took away her disability and her right to use transportation as an overweight disabled woman. You probably think it is pretty terrible, the new leadership directly inconvenienced my life but I make ads like this: 

Mandated exercise ad.png

Dezra thinks “You probably think these ads shame society or those who are unable to exercise. The fact is people greatly underestimate themselves on the road to being obese. Here is usually how it goes.” 

  1. You lose all self-respect 
  2. You stop taking care of yourself
  3. You gain weight 
  4. Continue to diet poorly
  5. Lose the ability to work 
  6. Collect disability for being too fat. 

“This is almost the North-American norm. This is what drove society broke, obesity was far more dangerous than any minority group, president and or tax rate increase could ever be. Think about the disturbing statistics on obesity.”

Two thirds of Adults are considered overweight. 68.8% and 35% are considered obese. 

Somehow it is in our nature to want to survive things like famine, poverty and oppression. What we seemingly can’t survive as a society is our urge to eat and then sit. Eat and then sit. So I am okay writing copy for an advertising society that supports this type of attack messaging. 

After work I walk home from the ad agency which takes 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back so I get my mandated hour. Then I talk to my mother, Mom did you go to yoga today. “I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING GO TO YOGA!” She shouts back at me. “Mom I say back it is mandated you have to exercise, even your doctor wants you to exercise.” 

Mom lights a cigarette at her computer, and says “Bite me!” 

Click the link below to read the next part. 

Technology is the solution not the problem part 3 Weak Society. 




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