3 reasons you would be better off spending your money on brand development for yourself than education.

We would all be better if we spent our money on our own brand development and not on school. If you think this post is just about business! STOP! This post is about life, it is about the job market and the difference between people with great jobs over crappy jobs. What are people with bad jobs doing wrong? Well they miss-market themselves, what do I mean about miss marketing? 

  • They tell themselves – I just need to earn enough money to survive. I am not entitled to negotiate my wage, employment circumstances and situation. I am powerless to that all.
  • I have school to payback – Stop OSAP can be differed! Read in to it and negotiate your debt with the student load centre.  

    By mail:
    National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC)
    PO Box 4030
    Mississauga, Ontario
    L5A 4M4

    By phone:
    Within North America: 1-888-815-4514
    Outside North America: 800 2 225-2501

  • They make excuses – Budget, kids or house. Always excuses from goal achievement. Worse yet even the fear of failure! You only fail when you don’t put enough in to it. 

     Here are three reasons you would be better off spending money on your own brand development than school: 

  1. If you say it online they will believe you– If you tell people you are an artist online. You are an artist! Do it enough time and you will take authority over your own title. A great example of this is Non-Binary people. Online they tell people they are not male or female. You know what? People are buying in to it. So state what you are everyday. So Non-Binary people use this to convince you they are genderless online all the time. People in Business use this online to make thousands of dollars! 
  2. Communications isn’t about getting everything perfect, it is about encoding and decoding a message– School sometimes teaches you spelling mistakes are more important than content. Or grammatical errors are more important than content. My mother was my teacher and that is important. However she used to always correct me and my brother’s grammar when we were telling her something. Do you know what she has to show for it? Kids that don’t call her because they consider her impossible to communicate with. She was valuing grammar over the actual message. That is why I hate editors. They always talk about grammar they almost never notice the actual message. People don’t tell you after you take University English that you may still have to communicate in a day with stupid people and persuade them.
  3. “Correcting people makes them better theory.”– Nope school is wrong about this to. You make more money persuading people to do the wrong thing than you do failing to enforce the right thing. If you are used to letting people correct you, you will never have any authority in your field of work.  These people even let the wrong people correct them. If you can say “Hold on, piss off you are wrong!“Maybe not in those words. Then you start to become a persuasive person.


To another point!” Knowledge is still power.

  1. People with high education are more likely to achieve higher paid jobs especially in urban areas like Toronto, L.A. and Ottawa. 
  2. People with higher education are more likely to achieve authority in their fields of work. 
  3. People with more knowledge are better at selling themselves. 

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