Real global issues, let us talk!

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Written by Ashton Deroy

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Replied by Diana SkyeDiana Skye

So essentially this posting is about how there are real issues like Slavery, Woman child marriages and the impact we have on the environment. The issue is not enough people want to talk about these issues because they aren’t sensational enough… Can you weigh in on this Diana Skye?” 

Diana Skye says Personally I think “Anti-vaxxers are some of the biggest idiots on the Internet! ” 

Digi-Connex Special feature: The picture links to a donation page. 

Giving Child marriage the finger.jpeg

Ashton Deroy says “What about the under privileged countries we haven’t been able to provide vaccinations for? That is a conspiracy if I have ever heard one.But no we don’t likes this stuff, it doesn’t amuse our stupid minds!”

Weigh in on this, let us know what you think in the comments or email us in the contact forum below, lets also make plans to do something about these issues!


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