Wrong again WWE, Adrian Neville’s heel turn.

Wrong again WWE, on Adrian Neville.png

For WWE assembling creative story lines these days is as challenging as a dyslexic spelling bee. Sure they can try really hard but nine times out of ten they are going to mix those letters up and screw it up! The same can be seen when WWE is trying to decide if someone is a good guy or bad guy past 2010. Right now they are screwing up this with Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho and of course the mentioned in the title Adrian Neville.

Specifically with Adrian Neville why was his heel turn so stupid? Well fans have been calling for him to be the face of the cruiserweight division since it started. The problem is WWE is stupid about overlooking their own guys for the latest hottest free agents. They brought in a dominant cruiserweight and expected it not to have a cool factor and lastly he is in great shape. The guy looks like an actual super hero.

To start Adrian Neville has clearly been overlooked by the cruiserweight division. When fans wanted this division back they sort of figured Adrian Neville would carry the division. Was that crazy to assume? The guys has feuded with StarDust, teamed with a celebrity at Summerslam and pioneered NXT! How about some recognition WWE?

Second off why are they expecting us always to boo the guy kicking the other guys’ asses? Fans have sort of caught on that the heels are often the smartest, toughest and most dominant in WWE. While it has certainly done a good job destroying the product we don’t really trust who WWE sets as the bad guy anymore!

As a side note. Would it kill WWE to get some good guys over right now?  Heel champions include Sheamus, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, AJ Styles, Kevin Ownens and the Miz. There are more heel champions at this current time then hero champions. That sucks, WWE is actually competing weather they like it or not with UFC. Where there are a ton of over heroic types.

Lastly Neville is in great shape, the guy looks like a superhero for crying out loud. Seriously, refer to the image above. What do I as a gay man have to do to have that appearance? Whatever it is I will do it. I mean imagine being a Web Marketing advertising executive with that body.

So after this long rant you can tell I think Adrian Neville is great. He is what you associate with a WWE modern day cruiserweight, he is dominant and he looks like a superhero. Maybe one of these days WWE will get their stories right. I guess they aren’t just right now…


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