Creative writing exercise: Technology is the solution not the problem part 3 Weak Society

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Ashton Deroy says “One thing people don’t understand is that it is not the fault of our tools for people being so overweight. The solution isn’t turning of the screen for exercise solutions, rather turn on the screen and absorb various exercise content. The screen/application exercise strategy is sound, disciplined and a no bullshit solution to our obesity crisis. Why is it no bullshit? YOU DON’T NEED MONEY TO GET IN A HOME WORKOUT!”

Here are some great exercise solutions that don’t break the bank, they don’t even touch the bank: 

. This is Class FitSugar, she is great for cardio and cutting up your abs. 

This is Cardio kickboxing a great routine to wake up to! 

Scene: Derza is in his 1 bedroom apartment in Rushington. He sleeps on his couch. The living room has an office chair, a laptop and a home phone for business calls. The bathroom is cluttered with medical equipment to assist his mother’s day to day living with stuff like insulin pumps, needle disposals and a railing for the toilet. 

So with technology not the problem in working out you can imagine Derza’s frustration to see his mom sitting on the computer, eating nachos and looking at memes. AKA the toilet of the internet.

“Okay mom, up we need to get you moving.” Derza says. 

She replies “Derza what do you NOT understand about me being a diabetic and 50 years old.” 

“Mom these are lames ass excuses and you know it.” Derza replies.

“Come on let’s get walking outside right now!” 

Scene: High Park Toronto.png

Derza is walking and his mother is behind him struggling to keep up with him. 

Something to think about, Derza’s mother may of been born with Diabetes. It was a curse to upon her life. Unfair and really and uphill struggle for her lifetime. However she made choices to take up smoking, poor dieting and under exercising. 

Her mother used to try and manage these problems for her. However they didn’t speak for the longest time due to his mom’s agoraphobia a few years back. Then she died and mother had her regrets about not pushing harder to be close with her mother. As Derza’s step mother used to say “You only get one mother.” 

“Come on mom I need you to try harder!” Derza said.

“Fuck you!” She replied.

If you think this is bad bringing her to the hospital this week is probably going to be ten times worse.

“Mom it is a beautiful day, great weather. It is not like I dragged you out in -30 weather and am pushing you to power walk.” Derza pleaded.

Instead of replying his mother just started grunting.

Three facts you need to know about her diabetes:

  1. Type one diabetes is insulin dependent.
  2. Low blood sugar from improper dieting makes her delusional so I need to always keep hard candies on me.
  3.  Type one Diabetes can and should be managed with exercise.

Here are some great exercise solutions for older people:

  • Dog walking
  • Yoga
  • Walking

Part 4 of Weak Society, My brother the “saint”.



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