What you can learn from Marketing Clients/Jobs I let go of and the clients I kept?

Before we get started I just wanted to say some of these people I let go of I might still like, still be in touch with positively. However some of them I may not be, you are going to learn from this post the crazy things that can break a marketing relationship. I mean Marketing and Sales has one of the highest churn rates of any career path. So although I still like some of these projects, I felt they couldn’t grow me or my business.

Chinlock logo.png

Chinlock Wrestling was my first publishing job. In which I was supposed to sell ad space for this platform. Why did I drop this opportunity? 

  • No Marketing budget (No respected Marketer is going to stay on board without a budget)
  • More than just advertising duties. I was supposed to scribe interviews and etc. 
  • He made fun of my favourite wrestler. It seems silly but I felt disrespected and I was like “Peace out bro.”

Kingston Pride.png

For Kingston Pride I was a social media events volunteer. So I not only marketed the events I went to them and filled people in on the blog. Why did this end for me?

  • No Marketing budget. Stupidly I paid out of my own pocket to run their campaign. 
  • The Community had hostile feelings about our organization. Older gay men in the organization said some bad things about gender queer and Transgendered people. 
  • Being bullied by the community for an unpaid job. 

Beaut logo.png

This one is actually sad, I kind of went in to this one with high hopes. To have them a bit shattered. I will get in to that more below. This organization was a marketing platform for stylists. For them I was helping to operate their blog, social media and sales strategies. Why did I drop them? 

  • No Marketing budget or sales approach
  • I sort of became a business planner instead of a PR and social media guy. 
  • Too structured, I have paid clients who don’t require approval for their content. Imagine how little I care about getting a volunteer client’s creative approval!

Who all was unpaid

  • Website engineer
  • Content strategist (Me) 
  • Prior teams recruited by Kim Ng. 

Actually and on December 30th 2016. The website was off which means their sales/prospecting tool was down. “What a mess?” :/ 


What jobs are still working? 

Dignity Repairs Logo.jpg

This is an automotive garage on Dundas in Toronto. Check out www.DignityRepairs.com . They are perfect for auto repairs and automotive inspection. 

  • Paid for Advertising services
  • Does not require content approval. This is important because content is a daily job. So it needs to be as little hassle as possible! 
  • Has clear ideas for purchasing incentives and sales promotional posts. 

Carpenter Deroy logo.png

Check out www.CarpenterDeroy.com they sell loose leaf tea. This brand was started by my mother and it is its growth phase. Why is it growing? They have climbing tea sales, Ashton Deroy has full marketing control and personal selling in the promotion mix. 

  • Paid for their website and print outs. 
  • Does not require content approval 
  • Constantly being sure they do not break advertising regulation set by the inventory supplier. 

Out and about.png

This is one of my best volunteer gigs. Why is this one lasting and a lot of unpaid jobs don’t last? Check out www.LGBTQ-outabout.com 

  • I get a voice in meetings at the college 
  • No content approval issues 
  • Successful group collaboration 

Commonalities of clients I have kept. 

  • I published their blogs. 
  • We collaborate successfully 
  • We are nice to each other. Half of business is just getting people to like you. 
  • They are ready to sell their product or service or they have information to get out. 

Check out Advertising services from Digi-Connex. Click the image below: 


Contact me here: 



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