Everyone wants to do something with Marijuana in business it seems. Not me…

Marijuana businesses.png

The picture above links to the marijuana raids in Ottawa Canada. Raids that have people asking where is Justin Trudeau in all of this? If you are honestly saying that you are an idiot… Justin Trudeau’s legalization is being set up for the government to monopolize the sales of marijuana!

Here is why as a business person I don’t want to touch the business & sales related to marijuana and marijuana accessories. First of all Justin Trudeau’s campaign called for “design a new system of strict marijuana sales.” –Liberal party of Canada quote. Secondly I expect a saturated market of people selling marijuana and marijuana accessories to be highly competitive. Lastly socially the only people who get involved with this business likely don’t have any educational value to offer consumers. 

First of all the regulations proposed by the Liberal party of Canada were to restrict the sales of marijuana. In my head that means the first legal vendors for recreational marijuana are going to be handled by government vendors. For example look at the distribution of alcohol at the LCBO. That will be the example of the strict access to the marijuana recreational market. 

Secondly, selling marijuana accessories is being done by every convenient store and hippie possible. Puff puff pass.jpg

There are physical vendors like the one above. There are a ton of E Commerce vendors on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon. Plus there are stupid books written on making edible pot goods. It just seems like there is more vendors than needed in this market. 

The last reason this is a waste of time to sell marijuana or marijuana accessories is you only do this type of thing if you have no business expertise in anything else. Sell a trade skill, sell advertising and or sell crafts. Don’t sit there and sell pot accessories when a ton of people are just losing their shirts in this market anyways. All of this proves it just isn’t worth entering this market. 

To conclude I would rather sell auto repairs, Tea, advertising and Cable TV. Opposed to wanting to sell something on the marijuana market. Major reasons not to enter anything in selling marijuana: 

  • Regulations do not and will not permit it.
  • The Accessories business for marijuana is too cluttered
  • There is no real value in this line of business. 


Lets be adults about the businesses we look to start please. Thank you for reading Digi-Connex latest blog. 

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