TransCare: Make the world better for people with Disabilities in Toronto.

Support persons with disabilities.png

I always like to start my day of blogging by telling my readers how to make the world a better place. Today I had to really dig deep because as many good organizations there are in this wonderful city! There are also Non-profits that operate poorly under religious prejudice, gender discrimination and Ageism (I can see it publicly on their websites) . However after searching a while I found this amazing organization. 

What does TransCare do? Transcare works to making living easier for adults and elderly with disabilities in Toronto. Our last revision to Ontario’s Disability act was in 2015 however Toronto is still a very difficult place to live with a physical or mental Disability. Our Subway still has too few spots with wheelchair accommodation. Under the ideals of the law every stop should have accommodation. TransCare makes it easier for people with disabilities to stay out of long term living with aids with community dining program, offering programs and in home care with Personal support workers. 

So click the picture below to check them out and learn more. As always donate generously if you can! Remember the people who really change the world are generous, Not idealists. 

Trans Care.jpg


Do you think The City Of Toronto is meeting the standards of the Disability act started in 2001? What do you think around transit, landlords and jobs? 



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