Examining literature and how it relates to my program. -by Ashton Deroy


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For my approach to critiquing literature as someone with an ambition to work in publishing, a business admin student at Seneca College and an openly gay male. I like to use my own version of a Reader-Response criticism. This means I like to examine how culture, religion and social values impact the text presented to me. In examining those factors I like to determine whether the characters were written organic in their plots or characters that were written/progressed in a plot with a bias perspective because this can determine the integrity of the writers in regards to their story.

For example, many audience members of WWE a wrestling entertainment business that sells matches with storylines feel that the company has lacked integrity in character development. To prove culture played an impact to many they felt that the lack of honest character development came from the company’s’ culture since becoming publicly traded, since Linda McMahon became a government administrator and the company began partnering with Non-Profit organizations. While these things are positive from a corporate perspective. Fans question the company’s ability to write compelling antagonists with their fear of offending stakeholders.


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Before being public in WWE you might see an antagonist do something evil like attack a female character. Now they simply have one purpose as antagonists and that is to cheat and antagonize the audience. Due the lack of authenticity in the antagonist you also get an unauthentic hero. Which means many fans find themselves cheering the villains. 

 Examining Literature as it relates to my program is relavent in the examination and critique of written reports, press releases and information releases. In business and marketing you look at both public and internal communications in order to do that you must have a method of examining works. Do I have reservations about the program? I do not retain doubts in regards to this program’s applicability to my life and education pursuit. Instead I would like to use the program to develop my ability to critique writing with an objective frame of mind. 


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