Ashton Deroy’s personal blog # 1

Ashton Deroy's online career .png

Hey Digi-Connex readers. It is me Ashton Deroy again. 🙂 

Happy to see you are checking out my blog today from the picture I just uploaded. So two years ago I had the goal that I was going to learn Interactive Marketing technologies at St. Lawrence College.  

Well it has been two years, a ton of projects. Interesting clients and times where there was heartbreak! I finish this picture by saying “Now what?” 

This is where I get into current projects and goals I have set up for myself: 

  • Strengthening my Mathematics and English Literacy at Seneca College
  • I want a long term job. 40 hours a week in a small to large sized organizations where I can help with customer service, web support or tech support. 
  • Once every month or every sponsorship I want to host the Businessphere video forum currently hosted with Diana Skye.  

Working out At Seneca College’s fitness centre 

Ugly sweat.png

Shortly after the picture above was uploaded to Instagram the power went out at Seneca College’s fitness centre. (Click the picture above to link to my Instagram

Dark at Seneca.jpg

It is fun walking around the lower level of Seneca with minimal lighting. 😀 

Thank you for reading. Keep up with everything Ashton Deroy by adding me on Facebook by clicking the underline in my name. 


Narrative: Here is a question for you!

Who should you not get advice from on running a business?

A.) Your Mom 

B.) Your Kids 

C.) Google 

D.) All of the above. Check mark.png

Hire Business Students & Business Graduates

Click the underlined text for more details.

Read more at the Businessphere.




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