Female entrants in the WWE Royal Rumble Match

Women in the royal rumble match.png


I say this every year and now I mean it more than ever! Woman/Women need to be in WWE’s Royal Rumble every year. For those who don’t know this is WWE’s yearly match where contestants are eliminated by going over the top rope. This year’s winner was Randy Orton. 

In 2016 Chyna passed away. However before she died she said indirectly that her legacy had no following in the WWE. 

I agree entirely, WWE has this history of empowering women that they do not follow appropriately. Instead they try this conformist female and male Superstar angle that I don’t care about… 

You are not UFC… You will never be UFC! You are a sports entertainment company so act like it. 

The three women to enter WWE’s Royal Rumble are: 

  • Chyna
  • Beth Pheonix 
  • Kharma

To make sure they do not miss this chance to capitize on this next year here is my suggestion to work it in to an angle. You can either organize a 10 woman battle royal for this night, night of Royal Rumble… Or you can have the women compete for a chance to enter the Royal Rumble. 

I am not saying a woman needs to win the inter-gender Royal Rumble. Just have them get an interesting elimination.  

There now this legacy that I know other fans like me want to see every year has a following. 

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