Three mindsets that kill digital businesses prematurely

Three mindsets .png


In Digital Marketing I have had multiple meetings that have made me question my entire faith in humanity. 

What do I mean? Well there are a few things potential people do to just screw there chances of ever running a digital business. 

Here are the following things people do to screw themselves to a success path. 

  1. Under investment – What do I mean by this? You can’t start a business on volunteer work or commission based sales people!  You have to make people take an interest and have a stake in your business that is financial. The minimum a Digital startup should cost before you hit Market is $1000.Even more depending on the nature of the business. Also you need software, applications and marketing strategy that costs some money. (I no longer take business meetings unless the owner is ready to invest in startup including labor TODAY!
  2. Idea Shopping– When poor clients who don’t pay for their meetings with me seem like they are idea shopping. AKA they don’t even have a business plan. I tell them to write one up then come see me. THE END! Digi-Connex is my business. Your business will never be my business. 
  3. Over Strategizing – If you don’t have a customer after 3 months of planning your business. Quit now, you are wasting everyone’s time and your own money. “Your business is tested with your first customer.” This means if you are not tested in the first 3 months your business failed. Strategy is supposed to be more brief than execution.  is a key example. If you see their website you will see an ugly stock photo, a website that still needs work and Kim Ng the owner of the site is a tool. She should of been trying to sell her service when the website was completed. 

To conclude, get a grip. If you approached a digital marketer you should have something to sell. I have supported eCommerce pages for companies like Rogers, T-Mobile and Hewlett Packard. 

I worked right from their customer service lines. Imagine how little interest the world has in “Joe Blow”. Trying to start a nothing company from no money and no intention of executing a marketing strategy. 


Get your business premium website started for $250 for our basic package. Or $500 for our professional package. 



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