Content Strategy

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Hi I am Ashton Deroy, I graduated St. Lawrence College’s interactive marketing communications program. That is why everything I talk about pertains to marketing, sales and advertising. 

Advice for marketers: When it comes to selling advertising. Charge them for the domain names, advertising space and if they pulled you out of your office to go to their’s. 

Do not charge for content strategy! I hate this, it is where we get so greedy in marketing. I will sit on someone’s blog on WordPress and give them content suggestions in the comment section easy as pie. 

I won’t tell them how to increase their reach, make a tons of sales or segment their campaigns for free. By the way if you are in marketing and you are pitching to someone you have not given free content strategy advice to. You are an ass! You don’t even understand what they are trying to do and you are pitching to them. That is spamming. 

Until you offer them something of value, you have no business charging them for it. Does what you offer make them measurably better? Does your offer potentially get them laid? Or does it potentially have a pay off in cash, reach or leads? If you can’t answer yes to these then no transaction should be made. 

Follow me on Instagram and get some common decency  Marketers/Advertisers/Web Technicians and Sales people. 



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