Ashton Deroy, What is the big deal about sharing content not creating it? Why do you care? Why should I care?

Yesterday my friend Katia told me that I should not be so passionate about people over sharing content on Facebook. I learned today the slang term for sharing memes, useless news articles and stupid video content is called “Shit posting” . 

In other words 2/3 of my friends shit post. What do I take from this fraction? 

Shit posting stats.png

I am friends with idiots who can’t form original thoughts! You all have your own channels for displaying and distributing media among each other. That is what Facebook is. 

Instead of sharing valuable content, meaningful stories or brightening each others’ days. Half of you choose to consume fake news, the other half consumer unintelligible or just stupid memes and the last of you consume fear mongering media. 

Stop! It is is your channel. You do not have to display someone else’s information. We are turning information technology in to the same stupidity Television was. 

Television by 2010 became the same boring F$%*(&%($* content all the time everywhere. We didn’t watch new TV sitcoms, we watched Friends

Call to action

Do you want to make your social media a place of sophistication original content and subject authority? Email me a link to your Facebook and I can give you some ideas. 


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