Stop being overly responsive

Good times to shut off your phone.png

Happy Valentines day readers,

From the lower class to the upper middle class grunt level people. Some of us are much to responsive with personal contacts, friends, family and lovers.  

Here are three times that I personally will turn my Cellphone off regardless of events: 

  1. In School/Work – I don’t need to focus on silly social media here. I need to focus on the job at hand. So I have no problem not being responsive to my phone. If your job is to manage a business then you need to appropriately outsource your communications to manage administrative duties. Even with me who runs a small communications business has hired a content creators so I can manage other tasks. 
  2. Walking the dog- I really need to focus on Sadie when I walk her. Not taking social media selfies. 
  3. During workouts– If you message me in the middle of cardio you made have to wait 20 minutes for a reply. When I am in a cardio task I am not focusing on communications. 
  4. During family dinners – Not at first but now I gladly shut off my phone to pay attention to dinners with family. 
  5. Lunch and break time at work– This is going to surprise some people but I don’t take my lunches or breaks to respond to personal affairs. I like to use this time to engage with colleagues. Every-time I open my phone it takes me completely out of the job without fail. To the point where I would lose focus at work last year because a roommate was cyber bullying me. I don’t bother with my phone at all at work anymore. 


So stop being overly responsive and get a life people….



Ashton, Deroy 



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