2017 Hall of Famer Beth Pheonix

Beth Pheonix Hall of fame.png

So February 27th 2017, a lot of people were pissed off to learn Beth Phenix is WWE’s Hall of Fame inductee. You think I would be, since everyone is saying “What about Chyna?” 

Here is the thing, Chyna was a great Wrestling entertainer. Beth Phoenix was a phenomenal wrestler. From her High School boy’s wrestling team to the WWE she had a more solid background than any other woman in this entertainment at this time. 

I struggled, I can’t lie. Her story with WWE lacked… That is not on her! It is one WWE, the women she followed after and their lack of focus to the women’s wrestlers at this time. 

However if we are strictly judging matt work, suplexes and submission skills. Beth Phoenix was a hell of a choice for the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Right now WWE has Nia Jax, how about making sure she isn’t under utilized the same way Beth was! 

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