Ashton Deroy Critiques David Wallace’s essay Consider the Lobster

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Wallace, David. Gourmet Magazine. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.


Ashton Deroy Writes: For English Literature class I read a creative writing piece called Consider The Lobster. This is a piece that asks the pleading question “Should we sympathize with our food?” To that I respond with the same thing I give every Vegan, Vegetarian and etc. “Shut up! ” First of all this piece has no clear thesis or opinions, this piece is 10 pages long and it really should be 1 page long. (No more than 500 words) Lastly It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose on a gourmet cooking blog. 

The piece needs a clearly written thesis and opinion. What is the purpose of this piece? Was it to ask the questions everyone asks themselves? “Should I feel bad about eating this already dead animal?” It is dead, you either want it because it is good food, don’t want it because it is bad food or are against it as an idealistic tyrant. 

This post was 10 pages long. Could we not remove some stuff, such as. 

Given this article’s venue and my own lack of culinary sophistication, I’m curious about whether the reader can identify with any of these reactions and acknowledgments and discomforts. I am also concerned not to come off as shrill or preachy when what I really am is confused.


Wallace, David. Gourmet Magazine. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

For the Block quote above, could we not of left this paragraph out to spare the readers the time of reading it? I mean all he is really doing is stating obvious things about the medium and attempting to measure interaction with the reader. Which was not going to happen anyways because this was set on a one way communications outlet. So this quote does not matter. 

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To conclude David Wallace, I invite you to burn in hell for writing this opinion-less, overly long, rambling set of text you called a magazine article. Crawl back to that dump the United States calls “New York”  and please stop publishing garbage like this. After reading this I felt like if you could refund time, that is what I’d be entitled to. Thank you for reading this personal blog. 




Ashton, Deroy 



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