WordPress page aesthetic changes.

Check out the Home page of Digi-Connex. 

What do I do? 

SEO Writing, Sales, Technical Support, Customer Relationship Management, Network

growth, Communications optimization, Advertising consulting, Strategic selling,

contact growth,  Sales promotions,Telephone support, Financial Accounting,

Business to Business Marketing, Website setup, Public Relations. 

Why the new look? 

Ashton Deroy says “I have been looking to do something new with this project for a while and I think making the site more personally focused is the way to go. I am going to remain ambiguous about this but there will be more changes to come.”

What is happening 

Here is what is happening with this WordPress website: 

  • Changing Digi-Connex.com to present my work portfolio
  • Content is going to use a more integrated approach with my personal Instagram.
  • Digi-Connex will be used as a hub for contacting Ashton Deroy via telephone email & etc. 

Contact information 


Phone information.png647-831-6802

WhatsApp.pngAdd my phone # and message n WhatsApp. 

Logomakr_3jjbkb.png Click the Facebook Vector to connect through

Facebook professionally with Digi-connex. 


Class schedule until April 24th. 







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